Success by being O.P.E.N.

SuccessAs a nurse leader, I have worked in many groups both in academia and work. I can’t begin to tell you the impact being O.P.E.N. has on groups. By being O.P.E.N. I mean: Optimism, Process driven, able to Execute and Non-stop determination to succeed. These factors have been key to my success in leading groups from an outcomes perspective. The Affordable Care Act pay for performance initiatives requires nurse managers to think and function in a way they have never before. As a young leader people are usually startled when they first meet me but within an hour they realize my ability to get the job done. Nursing administration plays a key role in being a change agent with the way care is delivered to patients.
I cant tell you them number of negative nurse leaders I encounter. They either feel their teams are unable to perform or do not provide the vision necessary to accomplish the change that it takes to succeeds in today’s healthcare environment. Nurse leaders must implement performance improvement projects with vigor and optimism. It is imperative that our teams feed off our energy. Optimism must be displayed towards all initiatives if not your team becomes weary. Many leaders want outcomes but do not know how to provide the process to accomplish these goals. This is when the nurse leader must ask for help or hire a consultant to provide your team with resources necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand. Execution needs to occur quickly but not too quick where communication is lost among key members. I can’t tell you the number of projects I have worked on where they are launched without input from key members. Last but not least non-stop determination is needed to reach the goal. This is where transformational leadership comes to play. Nurse leaders must motivate their team members to think outside of the box and remain focused on the goal at hand. My favorite method of performance improvement is implementing Plan, Do, Study, Act models (Shewart Cycle) allowing continuous improvement. I have seen immediate improvement with quality indicators. Team members have also become more engaged. Being O.P.E.N. is all it takes.