Professional Practice

Are you ready for your next interview?

As a nurse leader I am committed to helping nurses with resumes and interviews. I have seen numerous nurses provide resumes that are not spell-checked. One thing nurses must realize is that despite the fact we are a profession who help people during crucial times we must still present ourselves like any other professional. It is imperative that nurses help each other with interview preparation and resumes. Nurse resume samples are very easy to find on the internet. Search word: “Nurse resume” will result in many examples to choose from.  Interview PicSome helpful hints:

  •  Adding Clinical Experience is helpful for new graduate nurses who do not have prior work experience.
  • An objective should be added to a resume to help recruiters with your area of interest.
  • It’s OK to curtail your resume to highlight tasks accomplished if you have a background in various areas.
  • Have a friend spellcheck your cover letter and resume.
  • Remember to jot down all of your accomplishments when you begin your new role to add to your CV.
  • Don’t forget to practice the basic interview questions and have some real examples of patient experiences (from clinical or work experiences).

Nurses must also dress professionally for interviews. I have interviewed nurses who have worn sunglasses and inappropriate attire. New graduate nurses need to invest in business attire (basic black suit) in addition to the other things we often hear of such as stethoscopes, medication books, etc. Our careers are in our hands and it’s important to have a tight grasp on all aspects of it.

Best of Luck!