Generation X Leadership


December 2, 2014 Stony Brook University’s Alumni Association celebrated it’s inaugural Top 40 Under Forty awards ceremony. Recipients included professionals in journalism, health care, sports, finance and medicine. It was an honor to be part of such an amazing group of alumni. As I received this award, I was able to process all of the steps taken to reach this point in my career. This accomplishment made the journey all worth it. I am grateful to Stony Brook University for providing a rich learning environment which pushed me to work hard and accomplish my goals.

Community Service and mentorship are the most rewarding aspects of my career.

If you are interested in joining the Mentorship Academy please contact me.

Thank you again Stony Brook University!!

Staying Focused

imageStaying focused can sometimes be challenging. There are so many daily obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goals. This week I traveled to one of my favorite places Los Angeles, California. While in LA, I ventured out and took time to smell the roses. I become reinvigorated with passion to complete ongoing projects. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and reflect on your accomplishments. What excites you? In all of your past experiences which was your favorite? And why? One of my favorite roles was as a clinical aide. In this role, I made appointments for patients and bonded with them. I found so much joy helping patients at the same time learning technology. During this time, electronic health records were on the rise. I thrived in learning all of IT applications. This experience led me to discovering my passion to care for patients and focus on administrative aspects of health care.
Take time to learn all aspects of any job and decipher what you enjoy the most. You never knew it can lead you to following your passion.


Diversity Leadership Panel

intiStudio45intiStudio39I recently participated at Stony Brook University’s Alumni Association Diversity Leadership Panel. I was blown away by the number of young women you came to speak to me about the nursing profession. Minorities and males continue to have staggering low numbers in nursing. Participants discussed the power of networking, making the best of opportunities, taking chances, studying abroad and working hard.

Tonight’s event exemplified strong leaders in various professions. Mentorship and Sponsorship was also topics of the night. Do you have a mentor or sponsor? It’s never too late to enter into your dream profession- reach out to someone who doing your dream job.

Skillset +Hardwork + Dedication= An enjoyable career!

The Impact of Sugar

Personally, I stay away from soda. This article doesn’t surprise me at all. The first thing I drink in the morning is water and I make sure my office refrigerator is packed all with bottles of water for the entire week. This article does a great job summarizing the impact of sugar on our bodies.

Women’s Half Marathon

The joy of achieving  your personal best is indescribable
The joy of achieving your personal best is indescribable


I did it!
I did it!

763832-1058-0014s763821-1123-0009sI am committed to running a race every year. I specifically enjoy races that raise fund for various health causes. As a nurse it is imperative that I give back. In addition to helping raise funds I enjoy running because it allows me to stay in shape and challenge myself.

The Women’s Half Marathon in 2014 was an awesome race!The feeling of fresh air blowing on your face while listening to great music helped me forget how heavy my legs felt…lol. I pushed myself and didn’t stop for water until after mile 5. Hydrated the night before and early in the morning helped. I was able to beat by 5K time.

When I reached the finish line another runner told me how she used me to stay motivated. It’s amazes me how sometimes people don’t realize how much of an impact you can have on others. I am so happy I was able to help someone else through such a tough race.

I recommend setting goals and trying your best to achieve them. This year I’ve accomplished so many…next up mastering diving this summer. Wish me luck and Stay Tuned!