OBAMA CARE: Benefits and Challenges

ObamaCare-health-care-APAs a hospital administrator we are learning the ropes in terms of ensuring full reimbursement of payment incentives as part of the Affordable Care Act. Pay for Performance is challenging for hospital yet a rewarding from a quality of care perspective. As a nurse we must re-structure the way care is delivered to lead nurses to success with HCAHPS.
From the community perspective, I know so many people who will benefit from having insurance. The attached clip demonstrates how signs and symptoms can go unnoticed without proper insurance. People are often turned away because insurance. Nursing for me is more than a full time job, it is a way life. I care for family and friends as if they were patients of mine. Every chance I get to educate about cardiovascular health or insurance I take it and use it as an opportunity to save a life.


Community Outreach from Natalia Cineas on Vimeo.