Nurses Week 2014 – Speech

Nurses week nationally begins May 6th and ends on Florence Nightingale’s birthday May 12th. Although our nurses week celebration is ending the work and partnerships demonstrated this week are  far from over.We must challenge one another to demonstrate the characteristics of our nominees with every patient encounter


This week we are reminded, of the importance in the care we provide, and how special nurses are, but the truth is, the work we do goes beyond a week, month or a year, the memories we make with our patients, goes on for a lifetime.

Thank you for being transformational leaders, and a special thank you, to the Nurse Leaders who support them to be the best Nurses they can be.

The work and excellence demonstrated during this week is truly an indication of the greatness that lies in each and everyone one of us.- This is what Florence Nightingale envisioned-
As a profession we must hold one another accountable and take pride in the care we provide to every patient, every single time. It’s an exciting time to be a nurse. Healthcare reform has placed us at the forefront with the opportunity to be impactful on many levels. Let us leave today and remember our theme, to Lead the Way, by the American Nurses Association….We must model the behaviors of Professional Nurses, continue to foster an environment of evidence best practice and inspire one another. Thank you for all  you do!


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