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Eating clean and working out can truly be harder than it seems. Over the past three years, I’ve tried so hard to work out three times a week in conjunction to eating protein and veggies. I’ve also tried bootcamp, cardio and Pure Barre. The lessons learned is that I can’t be too hard on myself to sustain a healthy diet. Certain changes are periodic and requires assistance. As a professor, I teach doctoral students to implement QI processes in nursing. I’ve decided to utilize the PDCA cycle on my health regimen. Plan: Execerise Do: Cardio 3 times a week Check: My new pattern Act: Institute reminders.This past week my thought pattern changed and I was reminded by my doorman! Who would think that all I needed was a reminder the moment I got home to workout. Sometimes, we must use our support systems to challenge us and reach new heights. I am finally on track and looking forward to reaching my workout goals!!!