Diabetes Month- March 2016

diabetesWhen my father was diagnosed with Diabetes I was devasted. I was lucky to have the background as a nurse and provide support. His diagnosis came upon my family all of a sudden- One moment he was fine the next moment he was throwing up and had a blood sugar that was unreadable on a glucometer. His discharge meds were unavailable at certain pharmacies and it was crucial that I found the right meds within hours of pharmacies closing in the NYC metro area. I was determined to provide my father with the best care. Going through the process caused me to think of other who were discharged and do not have a nurse at home to help them transition. I was there everyday to ensure he took his insulin. Interestingly enough, I noticed many hospitals do not have the appropriate samples to educate patients. If you or a loved one is diagnosed, ask your nurse to include your caregiver in your care- Patients are often overwhelmed and sometimes cannot learn due to shock, language or inability to understand medical jargon. It’s imperative as healthcare providers we advocate for patients to ensure they understand the fear patients face while in hospitals.

Diabetes is a disease requiring lifestyle management. Today my father has transitioned off of daily insulin. Advocate for yourself, family and patients to receive education so they can flourish and live healthy lives.

Are you Pre-Diabetic?

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