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Healthy Living #PureBarre #Bootcamp #Clean Diet

Eating clean and working out can truly be harder than it seems. Over the past three years, I’ve tried so hard to work out three times a week in conjunction to eating protein and veggies. I’ve also tried bootcamp, cardio and Pure Barre. The lessons learned is that I can’t be too hard on myself to sustain a healthy diet. Certain changes are periodic and requires assistance. As a professor, I teach doctoral students to implement QI processes in nursing. I’ve decided to utilize the PDCA cycle on my health regimen. Plan: Execerise Do: Cardio 3 times a week Check: My new pattern Act: Institute reminders.This past week my thought pattern changed and I was reminded by my doorman! Who would think that all I needed was a reminder the moment I got home to workout. Sometimes, we must use our support systems to challenge us and reach new heights. I am finally on track and looking forward to reaching my workout goals!!!


4- Week Leadership Bootcamp Class

Are you looking for career advice?
Are you wondering whether or not you should go back to school?
Do you feel you need to learn additional skills to become marketable?
Do you need help drafting your CV/Resume?

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Sign up for a virtual on line 4-week Leadership course in the comfort of your own home

The 4-week bootcamp consists of:

Package 1: Entry into Practice (relates to any field)
1 one 1 conference calls to provide guidance and support for your next career move
Healthcare Profession Opportunities all explained by an expert Nurse Leader
Learn Interview Skills to help you get your next promotion!
Resume/CV Development, Critique & Upkeep
Strategies to find your next job
Cost: $1999.99 for 4 week session, classes begin 11/7/15 (Payment of Paypal, Check or Cash accepted)

Package 2: Becoming an Expert (courses focus for Nurse Leaders)
Performance Improvement
Gain Conflict Management Skills
HCAHPS to Excel: Learn Tips to improve your HCAHPS scores and how to graph them onto excel to show your improvement
Financial Management 101 from Zero Bassed Budgeting, variance Justification to capital budgets; when, what and why?
Private 1:1 Consulting Services: Learn the secret behind improving performance/HCAHPS and reducing Hospital Acquired Infections
Cost: $3000.00 for 4 week session Classes begin 12/5/15 (payment of PayPal, Check or Cash acccepted)

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Classes limited to 20 individuals (limited availability)
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Generation X Leadership


December 2, 2014 Stony Brook University’s Alumni Association celebrated it’s inaugural Top 40 Under Forty awards ceremony. Recipients included professionals in journalism, health care, sports, finance and medicine. It was an honor to be part of such an amazing group of alumni. As I received this award, I was able to process all of the steps taken to reach this point in my career. This accomplishment made the journey all worth it. I am grateful to Stony Brook University for providing a rich learning environment which pushed me to work hard and accomplish my goals.

Community Service and mentorship are the most rewarding aspects of my career.

If you are interested in joining the Mentorship Academy please contact me.

Thank you again Stony Brook University!!


Staying Focused

imageStaying focused can sometimes be challenging. There are so many daily obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goals. This week I traveled to one of my favorite places Los Angeles, California. While in LA, I ventured out and took time to smell the roses. I become reinvigorated with passion to complete ongoing projects. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and reflect on your accomplishments. What excites you? In all of your past experiences which was your favorite? And why? One of my favorite roles was as a clinical aide. In this role, I made appointments for patients and bonded with them. I found so much joy helping patients at the same time learning technology. During this time, electronic health records were on the rise. I thrived in learning all of IT applications. This experience led me to discovering my passion to care for patients and focus on administrative aspects of health care.
Take time to learn all aspects of any job and decipher what you enjoy the most. You never knew it can lead you to following your passion.