Natalia Cineas DNP(c), RN, MS, NEA-BCDr. Natalia Cineas is a nationally board certified Nurse Leader with over 15 years in healthcare administration. Natalia’s commitment to lead and serve goes beyond her role as a Deputy Chief Nursing Officer.

Her passions include community health activism by volunteering at local churches bringing awareness to Stroke prevention and Cardiovascular Health promotion. She is a member of several health organizations. As a fellow in the Leadership Institute for Black Nurses at New York University, Natalia helped educate and bring awareness to Cardiovascular Health among African American women. As a life long athlete her passion is raising money for health related races.

Natalia’s demonstrates her commitment to the nursing profession by educating fellow nurse leaders to navigate the nursing profession to find their dream jobs and speaking to young children to explore the field of nursing.

 Natalia Cineas DNP, RN, MS, NEA-BC