4- Week Leadership Bootcamp Class

Are you looking for career advice?
Are you wondering whether or not you should go back to school?
Do you feel you need to learn additional skills to become marketable?
Do you need help drafting your CV/Resume?

Look NO more

Sign up for a virtual on line 4-week Leadership course in the comfort of your own home

The 4-week bootcamp consists of:

Package 1: Entry into Practice (relates to any field)
1 one 1 conference calls to provide guidance and support for your next career move
Healthcare Profession Opportunities all explained by an expert Nurse Leader
Learn Interview Skills to help you get your next promotion!
Resume/CV Development, Critique & Upkeep
Strategies to find your next job
Cost: $1999.99 for 4 week session, classes begin 11/7/15 (Payment of Paypal, Check or Cash accepted)

Package 2: Becoming an Expert (courses focus for Nurse Leaders)
Performance Improvement
Gain Conflict Management Skills
HCAHPS to Excel: Learn Tips to improve your HCAHPS scores and how to graph them onto excel to show your improvement
Financial Management 101 from Zero Bassed Budgeting, variance Justification to capital budgets; when, what and why?
Private 1:1 Consulting Services: Learn the secret behind improving performance/HCAHPS and reducing Hospital Acquired Infections
Cost: $3000.00 for 4 week session Classes begin 12/5/15 (payment of PayPal, Check or Cash acccepted)

For more information
Classes limited to 20 individuals (limited availability)
Please contact
Dr. Natalia Cineas at Nataliacineas@gmail.com